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HUGO’S BOUTIQUE HOTEL: Presenting Malta’s First High-Tech Rooms

Love technology? You’re going to love Hugo’s Boutique Hotel, where technology is at the heart of so many of our amenities.

Each room is equipped with a Room Management System that puts you in complete control – you can even choose the scene you want to wake up to! To pick your favourite, use the console on the wall or, better still, the in-room tablet that you will be provided with on check-in. Functions include the ‘Privacy’ button, which will close the curtains and dim the lights, and the ‘Do not Disturb’ setting, which activates the illuminating sign on the door to guarantee you are left in peace.

Your morning wake-up ‘scene’ may be programmed to open the blackout curtains, gradually ramp up the light and set the temperature to the desired point. Then, the ‘Off’ scene does just that – it switches everything off! This will make your stay even easier and more comfortable – there’s no need to hunt for the switch that turns off that lampshade in the corner or the ceiling light, it’s all there on your tablet! And you can choose other scenes too, such as Sleep, Relax, Reading and TV.

And it doesn’t stop there. At Hugo’s Boutique Hotel even the TV experience is superior. Apart from having a 48-inch LED TV screen in your room, you are also able to navigate through the channels using the traditional remote control or by pressing the station’s icon on your in-room tablet. This tablet can also be programmed to remember your favourite channels, giving you easier control than ever of the things you want to watch.

While you’re in your room, there are other facilities you can make use of, including a high-speed internet connection, with an in-room access point for great wireless reception. If you haven’t brought a laptop with you, then you can use your in-room tablet to browse. Meanwhile, international power sockets and USB charging sockets are available by every bedside table and on your desk. The USB charging sockets remain on when you leave the room, so you can keep charging while you’re at breakfast or off exploring the area, without trying to manipulate the occupancy sensor. It’s complete convenience!

We hope that all Hugo’s chosen technology will help you to make the most of your stay. Should have you have any questions, feel free to contact Reception and we will be only too happy to assist you.